Polls are closed

Thank you to all who voted for their favorite HBCU band!

Voting Closed

Check back on October 25, 2017 for the official announcement of the Final 8 to perform in the 2018 Invitational Showcase.


How the bands are selected

Top overall opinion poll.

Public online voting at hondabattleofthebands.com.

One vote, per day, per registered user.

Must not have been selected to participate in the Invitational Showcase more than twice.

Bands eligible for this will be listed with the “Under 2” icon on hondabattleofthebands.com.

Joint selection by the HBOB committee.

Selection based on, but not limited to showmanship, social media buzz, etc.

For more information on the voting process or band selection, please visit our FAQ section.