HBCU Power of Dreams Award

Honda recognizes and cherishes the power that dreams hold. As a company, the Power of Dreams has allowed Honda to champion innovation, and it is this mindset which helps us move people forward. We actively support the HBCU community, which nurtures and shapes the history-makers of tomorrow and the dreamers of today. It is those remarkable individuals that hold the key to building our future. The HBCU Power of Dreams Award was established by Honda to honor those extraordinary individuals taking action, and moving the HBCU community forward.


At the 2019 Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC) National Championship Tournament, Honda honored an individual who has dedicated his or her life to service in the community with the fifth-annual HBCU Power of Dreams Award. The 2019 recipient is Chuck Hobbs, Esquire of Tallahassee, Florida. Hobbs is a HCASC alumnus and volunteer. He has mentored thousands of young people over the past three decades, including students at Florida A&M University (FAMU), FAMU Developmental Research School and Morehouse College. He is active in promoting HBCUs and the unique role they play in the African American community. A video about Hobbs’ positive impact can be seen at https://honda.us/HBCUAward2019. Honda presented Hobbs with a grant to help him continue his mission and positive impact in the HBCU community.

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We've received your entry, and thank you for your nomination. Make sure you come to the Invitational Showcase to find out who is the 2018 recipient of HBCU Power of Dreams Award.

Audrey Stradford has been helping students realize their dreams of a college education. Known as Miss Audrey to many who have graced the halls of Tennessee State University, it is not uncommon to see her open her checkbook to help pay for a student’s textbook, tuition, or buy them a hot meal she also drives students to college fairs and interviews.

It is because of this and many other acts of kindness and encouragement over the past three decades that Honda recognized Stradford as its first-ever HBCU Power of Dreams Award winner during the 2015 Honda Battle of the Bands Invitational Showcase in Atlanta. Audrey Stradford. The 1966 graduate of Tennessee State University was recognized for her lifelong dedication to serving the Tennessee State University community and helping the nation's Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) students to achieve their dreams through guidance and mentorship. After being recognized on the field, Stradford was awarded a brand new 2015 Honda CR-V to help her continue to get students to College Fairs and interviews. The HBCU Power of Dreams Award, is given to individuals within the HBCU community who have enhanced their institutions and communities.
Honda honored Ms. Barbara Andrews, a middle school teacher and South Carolina State University alumna, for going above and beyond to support her students and community. In addition to supporting her own students, Ms. Andrews has raised awareness of lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease, and supported South Carolina State University students impacted by the illness. As the 2016 Honda HBCU Power of Dreams Award winner, Ms. Andrews was presented with a surprise $15,000 grant on the field to support her dream of establishing a scholarship fund so students and families don’t have to choose between school and their medication.

Ms. Andrews selfless dedication to her students, to her Alma Mater and to those in need is a true example of the spirit and strength of the HBCU community.
Dr. N. Jean Hudley is the Founder and Executive Director of Boys2Men Home & Sanctuary for Youth, Inc. Established in 2004 to target at-risk adolescent youth, Dr. Hudley was honored at the 2017 Honda Battle of the Bands Invitational Showcase and received the HBCU Power of Dreams Award. Dr. Hudley works hard to help young men achieve their goals and dreams. She has taken her time to go to schools, social security appointments, hospitals, etc., to make sure that the young people in the community she serves have what they need to succeed. She has tirelessly given of herself for the good of the young lives she's touched. Dr. Hudley has encouraged and helped these young people apply for college and start their own non-profit organizations. The HBCU Power of Dreams Award was established by Honda to honor those extraordinary individuals, who are taking action and moving the HBCU community forward.

Honda received numerous compelling nominations describing ideal individuals going above and beyond in the HBCU community, and positively affecting the lives of others. A committee reviewed all submissions and the winner selected was based on the committee’s recommendations.
The Honda 2018 Power of Dreams Award was presented to Brian Smith. "His selflessness and humble approach to helping others is both inspiring and admirable. Brian truly embodies the power of dreams," said Alexandra Warnier, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility for Honda

Smith is the founder of The BlueHeart Foundation, an organization created to help fulfill basic needs in Montgomery, Alabama. From delivering food to those in need to donating toys to children, Smith keeps the Foundation going using funds from his own pocket. Smith is an Alabama State University and Mighty Marching Hornets alum, who also volunteers his time to teach music at a local high school.